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About inquiry

We will strictly handle the personal information you receive and the content of the inquiry, and strive for privacy protection.We will respond to inquiries in the course of our business hours.Depending on the content of the inquiry, it may take time before giving a reply.Please note that we may not be able to give you a reply if it is not appropriate.

If you do not receive a receipt confirmation email

Once your inquiry is complete, we will automatically send a confirmation email.
If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check the following items.

  • If you refuse to receive mail from other than the specified address
    →Please change the settings to receive emails from us, and contact us again from the form.
  • If there is an error in the e-mail address input
    →Please check the email address and contact us again from the form.
  • When using anti-virus software or security software
    →Please make sure that it is not assigned to spam or deleted emails.

Attention at the time of input

  • Please enter full-width characters for items with full-width specification.
  • Do not use half-width kana characters or special characters because they cause garbled characters.
  • Please be sure to enter the required items. If you do not enter it, you can not send.

Contact form

  1. Data input
  2. Confirmation
  3. Done
Name (Kanji)
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Preferred contact method

Please check the contents of all the input,
and then press the "To confirmation screen" button.