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Customer first

Since its founding in 2004, Studio NAO has taken various initiatives in search of the "quality" of building design. We are working as a design supporter for BIM specialty so that we can provide our own expertise accumulated so far to more designers. Through BIM design support, we hope to continue to grow with our designers.

In addition to improving our technical capabilities, we will develop services that first regarded our relationship of trust with our customers.

Always a viewpoint of manufacturing

Studio NAO will be involved as a BIM staff throughout the entire building production from planning to design~construction~production.Each staff member, the whole team, and the entire company responds to the needs of customers and is engaged in building projects from the standpoint of BIM experts.

Because BIM's work takes more time and effort than conventional design work, we will promote tool creation and application development that can conduct work more efficiently.

Training "human resources" of BIM

Studio NAO has been carrying out BIM specialist talent and OJT in Vietnam since 2010. The staff of Japan and Vietnam cooperate together and we are building a place to create and exchange for building projects to participate in construction projects. Today, We involved in various construction projects in Japan and overseas with BIM specialized staff of about 80 people*1.

From 2018, we open a BIM training center (free education) for new graduates in Vietnam, and we will continue to devote our efforts to nurturing BIM "human resources".

*1. February 2019


Established "Studio NAO" (Osaka City).
Started designing and visual production work with 3D-CAD

Established "Studio NAO Co., Ltd."
Headquartered in Osaka City Kita-ku,· BIM design consignment entrusted from major general contractor ,design office ,major developers and others

BIM education · BIM business started in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Local Partner Collaboration)

BIM education · BIM business started in Danang City, Vietnam (Local Partner Collaboration)

Tokyo office opened
Established "STUDIO NAO VIETNAM CO., LTD" in Vietnam (Wholly owned subsidiary: Ho Chi Minh head office · Da Nang branch).
Full-scale BIM design work in Vietnam, start content creation and software development work

Established "Studio NAO · LIZE Co., Ltd." (wholly owned subsidiary: Osaka head office).
CG perspective· CG Movie · VR · Model and other visual production work transferred completely to "Studio NAO · Rise Co., Ltd.
"BIM training center" opened in Danang City, Vietnam